We Believe that All Children Can Learn and Be Successful

Mission Statement:

To enhance the native ambitions of children by equipping them with proven learning tools, instilling an eagerness to learn and teaching them how to be self-learners, resulting in graduates who are successful in their chosen paths of study, work and life.

Study Technology We Use

Study Technology is a tool which teachers and parents can use to help their children succeed in school, at home and in life. Students also learn how to improve their own rate of learning. The basic principle behind Study Technology is teaching people how to learn, and how to learn effectively so as to be able to use and apply what they study both now and later on in their lives.

Study Skills Test

Is your child equipped to learn to his or her full potential? Discover if there are any barriers to learning being encountered. Have your child take this FREE Study Skills Test online and find out about their TRUE learning potential.

Individual Programs for Children

We provide individualized programs for our students. Each child is tested on his/her basics using a test that requires a one-on-one assessment to work out the strengths and weaknesses in reading, sentence comprehension, spelling, and math. This data along with information gathered on their overall educational progress is used to construct an individualized program for each child.


The School holds the view that all children need to master a core of information that is essential to their competence as learners in later grades. Therefore, we have adopted standards that aspire to those outlined in the Core Knowledge Series by E.D. Hirsch, Jr.


We believe that all children can learn and be successful when they are provided with the proper methods of learning and study – something rarely taught in schools. We are against authoritarian teaching methods and see too much stress as being detrimental to the educational progress of the child.