What is the school purpose?

School mission is to provide quality educational childcare service to the parents and guardians of children in the community.  The emotional, physical and spiritual safety and well being of the child is our top priority.  Our environment supports God and family, but we do not undermine the religious practice of the parents or guardians.  We seek to provide a warm, loving environment that both teaches and comforts the child while in our care.


For the Child:

  • To offer a loving and caring environment where each child is treated with dignity and respect
  • To encourage the growth of language, motor and social skills
  • To foster the imaginations of children
  • To promote the emotional, mental, physical and social development of each individual child
  • To further prepare each child for a structured school setting

For the Parent:

  • To provide a nurturing, safe and educational environment away from home for their child
  • To treat each parent with dignity and respect
  • To have positive communication with parents concerning their child

For the Community:

  • To meet the growing demand for quality educational child care
  • To instill upon the child a sense of belonging to the community
  • To become an advocate for children in the local community
  • To become a valuable asset in the community